Rehabilitation in the center “SAPIR”

Drug addiction is a real scourge of modern society. By causing very quick addiction, narcotics destroy a person as a person, force him to commit crimes, sometimes the most serious, and lead to death.

Getting rid of addiction to drugs is a difficult and long process, because drugs cause both physical and psychological dependence.

At the initial stage of the disease, the dose is needed to the person who has sat down every few days, and in the neglected one, once every few hours. At a certain point, the cure becomes impossible, so it is extremely important to diagnose the disease in time and start treatment as soon as possible.

For over fifteen years, the specialists of the center “SAPIR” have been successfully treating drug addiction and returning your loved ones to a full life.

An individual and integrated approach necessary for successful healing is possible only in stationary conditions.

Such conditions are provided by our rehabilitation center, and highly qualified physicians, including physiotherapists, narcologists and psychologists, care for the patient around the clock, provide medical treatment and psychological assistance.

Detoxification of the body, its physical recovery, and overcoming psychological dependence, are the steps necessary for the healing of dependence.

But an important stage, after undergoing a stationary course of healing, is the social rehabilitation of a person who, as a result of drug use, drops out of society and can become a sociopath.

This is manifested in the form of such symptoms:

  • Unwillingness to follow laws and social norms;
  • Aggressive behavior and conflicts with others;
  • Apathetic and depressed state;
  • Helplessness and indifference to own life.

Rehabilitation is a long and complex process, during which a person re-learns to be aware of himself as a person who is able to make decisions independently and the ability to enjoy life without the use of stimulants.

At this stage of treatment, the psychologists of our center help your loved ones to launch the mechanism of psychological recovery and set the correct life vector.

The statistics look very bad. According to sociological research, every fourth student regularly uses drugs, and eight out of ten students have tried it before the age of majority. The need to start drug treatment has touched more than one family, and every year the number of drug addicts is steadily increasing. This disease often pushes people to all sorts of crimes, the purpose of which is the same – to get money to buy the desired dose.

For several years now, the SAPIR Clinic has been conducting high-quality and qualified drug treatment in Sydney, Melbourne and several other cities in the country. To save a person from addiction is a difficult and lengthy process and the specialists of the clinic always do an excellent job with this task.

Disease progression

At first, it is quite enough for a person to take a dose of the drug only once every few days, but gradually, the intervals of a sober lifestyle become shorter and, eventually, shorten to a few hours. At a certain moment, the patient passes the “point of no return”, having crossed, you cannot return back. That is why drug treatment should start as soon as possible, without delaying time and hoping that the problem will disappear itself – this does not happen.

Treatment methods

First, drug therapy is applied, which relieves physical attacks of physical withdrawal, and then the work of a psychologist is added to the treatment complex. Of course, effective treatment of drug addiction can be achieved only in a hospital and with constant compliance with all the requirements of specialists.

A special role in healing is played by the fact that the patient realizes the whole need for treatment, as well as the support of loved ones. It should be noted separately the importance of the final rehabilitation stage, during which a person literally learns to live anew, because once falling out of society, it is sometimes very difficult to go back and not become a sociopath.

The underlying problems of adaptation, which are the “alarm bell”:

  • contradiction to the law and social requirements;
  • aggression aimed at others;
  • depression or development of apathy;
  • complete indifference to life.

In order not to have to face a new problem during the rehabilitation period, qualified specialists are keeping the situation under tight control around the clock, preventing it from developing in the wrong direction. Center “SAPIR” offers the most modern treatment of drug addiction. The ability to choose from several proposed treatment options, one that is right for you at a price, greatly simplifies financial tasks for relatives. Drug treatment center “SAPIR” – your only sure path to salvation!