Rehab addicts

It is obvious that the treatment of a person for drug addiction is a long and laborious process. Successful deliverance from drug addiction is not only the efforts of specialists, but, first of all, the patient’s hard work. The disease treatment program consists of several important stages, the passage of each of which is an important milestone on the road to recovery:

  • Detoxification;
  • Physical recovery of the body;
  • Help in overcoming psychological dependence;
  • Rehabilitation from addiction.

In this article we will consider in detail the essence and meaning of the last item of the program.

What is the social rehabilitation of drug addicts?

The problem of drug addicts is not only that they undermine their health, create a threat to their own lives and cannot independently quit their addiction. As a rule, such a person falls ill with a very serious form of sociopathy, which manifests itself in the form of the following symptoms:

  • Unwillingness and inability to follow generally accepted social rules and regulations;
  • The emergence of conflicts with others;
  • Denial of self-worth;
  • Refusal of full development;
  • Fear of taking responsibility for their own lives.

As a result of constant conflicts with the environment, the dependent person drops out of the social circle and ceases to be a part of society — he remains alone. He himself no longer believes in his value and ability to live differently.

Therefore, effective treatment for drug addiction involves not only detoxifying the body and helping to overcome craving for stimulants, but also returning to full-fledged life. The task here is to return to him the role of an important social unit that was once lost. This is the meaning of the social rehabilitation of drug addicts – to enable a person to feel the full joy of life without using drugs.

The program of rehabilitation of drug addicts – what is it?

It is necessary to realize that the complete healing from the consequences of drug use can take more than one year – this is a very complex and lengthy process. The task of the narcological center in this case is to launch the mechanism of psychological recovery and point the way. And to go along this path step by step is an independent work for the convalescent and it may take a long time to complete. The program of rehabilitation of drug addicts implies a long and serious work that a person must do inside himself.

Today, there are many different methods of rehabilitation from drug addiction, but most of them are based on the same principles. The main meaning is to help the patient to find the correct vector in life again. To do this, he must go through several stages that help the formation of a new personality:

  • Awareness of their own value and significance;
  • Getting the skills of free choice;
  • The ability to be happy without the use of stimulants;
  • Decision making and ability to take responsibility.