Home addiction treatment

Drug addiction is a serious illness requiring skilled medical care and competent professional treatment. In order to completely solve the problem, the patient will need to undergo a course of therapy in the hospital – home addiction treatment cannot be successful for several reasons. The desire to avoid contact with doctors is understandable, but it can cause premature death.

As a result of addiction to the use of narcotic substances, a person becomes a slave to his pernicious addiction – refusal to take the drug leads to severe physical suffering, and sometimes – to death. This phenomenon is called withdrawal syndrome or brittleness.

Medical practice speaks of the following symptoms of withdrawal symptoms:

  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Cramps;
  • Heart palpitations and breathing problems;
  • Aches in the joints;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Rave;
  • Disorders of speech and attention.

To relieve these symptoms, the patient should contact the clinic – professional narcologists will take steps to detoxify and give an opportunity to think about further treatment.

Any specialist will confirm that drug treatment at home is limited only by this procedure – it is only the first link in the long chain of necessary measures.

Why can not drug treatment at home

It should be understood that the withdrawal of withdrawal symptoms is not a drug treatment. Detoxification will simply ease the suffering of the patient and cleanse his body of toxins. Next is a long struggle with the restoration of the body, psyche and psychological dependence.

On questions about how to cure a drug addict at home, the answer is one – no way. Neither traditional methods and means, nor modern drugs, will have any effect if the patient is not under the supervision of doctors in the drug treatment center.

The human body is an individual concept, each has a disease in its own way, an unforeseen turn is possible at any time. Therefore, in case of unforeseen complications, there should be specialists and resuscitation nearby in order to help avoid irreparable. Attempts to treat drug addiction at home are often fatal – you need to know about it when making this decision.