Drug encoding

In the treatment of drug addiction, one of the key points is the elimination of a person’s craving for the use of narcotic substances. At one time, a well-known narcologist developed a method of psychotherapeutic elimination of the propensity to alcohol – they began to call it coding.

In the case of drug addiction, the encoding from drugs is also a fairly effective procedure – medicine knows here many successful results. With the help of coding, many patients find the strength to refuse to take drugs and return to full-fledged life.

Some doctors argue that the impact of this method does not help in the fight against addiction, but only pushes it deeper inside, which after some time can cause a new relapse. However, the practice says something else – if a person is determined to no longer take drugs, drug encoding is a very powerful and effective tool.

Drug encoding methods

Medical practice says that treatment gives tangible success in the case when the encoding of drugs goes in combination with other methods. To date, there is not one, but several ways of such therapy:

Drug – while the drug addict is injected with various drugs that block the craving for drug use or remove euphoria if they are taken. If a patient abstains from narcotic stimulants, such medicines do absolutely no harm to his health, but if abstinence is violated, the patient will experience a noticeable deterioration in his well-being. The validity of such drugs is small – from 1 day to 1 year.

Psychotherapeutic – this method works if a person responds well to suggestion. In this case, various forms of hypnosis are used, as well as other methods of psychocorrection.

Physiotherapy is a hardware method that is based on the action of electrical impulses, electromagnetic fields, etc. In this case, specialized equipment is used – much also depends on the individual indications for use.

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