Anonymous addiction treatment

Drug addiction is a problem that negatively affects not only human health, it can destroy his whole life – relationships with family, career, social ties, etc. Many drug addicts carefully hide their addiction, realizing that after learning about it, the environment can dramatically change their attitude towards them. It so happens that a person is a good family man, successfully engaged in a career, has weight in society – and one day all this may disappear because of his addiction to drugs. Click here to learn more.

Becoming more and more addicted, the addict understands that everything he has is at risk – his life, health, career and relationships with relatives. Of course, you can count on the fact that the specialists of the rehabilitation center will help to overcome the disease, but at the same time many people are afraid of publicity. Therefore, the majority are interested in how anonymous assistance to drug addicts is possible and where it can be provided.

Who needs anonymous drug treatment?

A person suffering from drug addiction often hesitates to seek help from a drug treatment clinic even after he realized the need for treatment. The reason may be not only the fear of physical suffering, which is always accompanied by the refusal to use drugs – other stop factors play a role here:

Fear of criminal liability – Australian law punishes the possession, manufacture and distribution of narcotic substances;

Unwillingness to lose reputation among acquaintances – having learned that a person was undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at a drug treatment center, many people can simply turn away from him;

The desire to save a career – it is obvious that a former patient of a drug treatment clinic can hardly count on a prestigious job;

Fear of losing a family – some patients hide their condition from relatives, fearing a break in relations, a person does not want to be left alone after recovery.

Treatment of drug addiction anonymously is necessary, as a rule, to those people who still have something to lose. Family, work, reputation – these are important things on which you can later build a new life and it is very scary to realize that they can simply disappear. Anonymous help to drug addicts is a good psychological incentive for effective treatment and return to a full life.


Anonymous addiction treatment

Narcological clinic “SAPIR” conducts drug treatment anonymously in Sydney, Melbourne and the region, using the most modern and successful techniques. Our services imply full confidentiality and non-disclosure of information – you can be sure of that.

Probably, even a child knows that drug addiction is a serious disease that entails not only a number of social problems, but also disrupts the physiological work of the human body. This disease does not have status, age or a certain gender and can overtake any person at all. If your loved one is ill, but categorically refuses to be treated, suggest that he choose an anonymous drug treatment – the chances are that he will follow your advice.

Why is the addict not in a hurry for help?

It would seem that a person collapses family and career, health problems begin, and he persistently continues to use dose by dose, not trying to ask for help. What is the reason for such a strange, if judged by, behavior? The answer to this question is very simple – shame and fear of exposure stops many people from going to drug treatment clinics. It seems to them that others, having learned about the status of a drug addict, will immediately begin to despise them (and, putting a hand on their hearts, many will agree that there is indeed a large percentage of truth in this). Anonymous addiction treatment is the surest way to get out of the web of addiction without giving the fact of the disease publicity.

Who needs it

Treatment of drug addiction anonymously, first of all, is necessary for those people who are afraid of criminal responsibility for possession and manufacture of drugs, as well as those who value their social status and reputation. However, often the most important deterrent is the fear that relatives and close people, having learned about the diagnosis, will immediately turn away. Everyone who has at least something important left in their lives is hindered by the fear of losing it. It is such people who need anonymous drug treatment more than others.